We are, of course, Culture Night Belfast. And one thing that Culture Night Belfast does is close roads! Because when we close roads, for one glorious evening, we open up the city centre for everyone. People can gather, wander and wonder with a spring in their step and a sense of safety in their heart!

Basically, this flannel is the pre-amble to letting you know, both drivers and pedestrians, which roads we’re closing for Culture Night on 21 September, and at what times. Because when we say “break a leg for Culture Night”, we know it won’t be at the hands of a vehicle!


The Culture Night Belfast team X


Proposed Road Closures for Culture Night Belfast:


3pm -10pm

• Hill Street

• Gordon Street

• Union Street

• Library Street

• Little Donegal Street

• Skipper Street

• Kent Street


• Royal Avenue

• North Street

• Donegal Street

• Waring Street

• Academy Street

• Exchange street

• York Street