November is nearing its end – but that doesn’t mean that the stream of fabulous events is showing any sign of slowing! 

The Lyric Theatre will be continuing to host a myriad of wonderful events for the public to peruse, both remotely and at the venue. Whether your interest is in Irish Writing or in classic theatrical plays, The Lyric has something for all eager to indulge in some culture. 


Listen at the Lyric: Bloodlines 

29 Oct – 26 Nov

Tickets: £6 – £20

Available as an on demand audio recording, The Lyric are showcasing Bloodlines – a piece of Irish Writing directed by Emily Foran, exploring the lives of two very different women across the span of a century. 

The two protagonists, who live at entirely different points in history, face their own struggles. What does it mean to be a woman in society? And how much has really changed in 100 years? 

Tickets can be purchased here, and listeners will have 24 hours to listen to the recording. 


Listen at the Lyric: Gold Tier Sky

29 Oct – 26 Nov

Tickets: £6 – £20

Also available as an on demand audio recording is Gold Tier Sky, directed by Matthew McEilhinney. 

Two men, each combatants at opposite ends of the Northern Irish conflict that spanned 50 years, find themselves unlikely friends during their final days at a hospice. 

Through humour and compassion, the pair undertake a road of understanding which leaves neither compromising their personal beliefs. Afterall, no one gets out of this life alive.

Tickets can be purchased here, and listeners will have 24 hours to listen to the recording. 



20 Nov

Tickets: £12.50

The Lyric are welcoming guests back for another night of Miscast madness! 

Miscast is an open mic night with a twist. With the help of a live pianist, performers are invited to sing songs from Musical Theatre, Film and TV – but this is Miscast, afterall. Those brave enough to sing are not allowed to sing a song from a role that they would be conventionally cast in!

With sheet music available at the venue, all that the aspiring Miscast practitioners have to do is get in touch with them at @miscastbelfast through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. 

Grab a drink and enjoy!

Tickets can be purchased here.


Pinocchio: The Greatest Wonder of the Age

26 Nov – 31 Dec

Tickets: £12 – £24

Roll up! Roll up! The Lyric Theatre is inviting the curious to attend the world’s greatest circus. 

Family favourite Pinocchio has been given a whole new musical re-imagining by Paul Boyd! 

The creative team to thank for the Lyric’s popular shows ‘Alice the Musical’ and ‘Peter Pan the Musical’ present the stylish Pinocchio: The Greatest Wonder of the Age.

Join the cast on a musical adventure full of whim and wonder, as a little wooden boy undertakes a journey of magic amidst a colourful world of circus performers. 

Tickets can be purchased here.

For more information about what’s on at The Lyric Theatre, be sure to check out their website for further listings: