Whisk yourself away this festive season with some theatre magic! Get lost in a family-friendly pantomime, or partake in some rib-tickling comedy. 

Make some Christmas memories with 4 shows not to be missed this festive season.

Pinocchio: The Greatest Wonder of the Age

26 November – 31 December

The Lyric Theatre

£12 – £24

From the marvelous creatives behind the Lyric’s hit shows “Alice the Musical” and “Peter Pan the Musical” comes “Pinocchio The Greatest Wonder of the Age”: a brand new musical reimagining of the age old tale of a little wooden boy who dares to dream. 

Starring a myriad of fantastical circus performers, beautiful sets, and an impressive musical score – this is a show not to be missed.

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Grimes & McKee’s Christmas Album

5 December – 30 December

The Lyric

Tickets £12 – £28

Prepare to be tickled pink by comedic duo Grimes and McKee who return this Christmas to The Lyric with another festive favourite!

Join the pair as they showcase Grimes & McKee’s Christmas Album. Prepare for a romp!

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The Untold Truth of Captain Hook

10 December – 1 January


Tickets Adult (£25 – £12.50) & Child (£12.50)

Time for a family favourite – and what better than an inversion of a classic children’s story? 

The Untold Truth of Captain Hook asks the age old question – can a villain be the hero of his own tale? 

Check out this spin off of Peter Pan this Christmas at The MAC. 

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The Belfast Ma: Does Christmas

2 December – 12 December

The Balmoral Hotel

Tickets £20 – £35

How about dinner with a view? 

Viral internet sensation The Belfast Ma (Paul Nugent) presents The Belfast Ma: Does Christmas. Spend some time with Sadie Devine as she gets ready for the biggest day of the year with a few of her favourite friends in classically comedic fashion!

Upgrade your ticket to include a Christmas dinner alongside the show for an extra special treat – there are Vegan options available too! 

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