With winter fast approaching and night stretching longer into the day, we all need a burst of vibrancy in our November.

Thankfully, The MAC has arranged an array of fabulous events to attend this month. 

Ranging from thought provoking art exhibitions, to creative family friendly workshops, thrilling theatre to stirring concerts, there’s truly something for everyone. 

Check out our list of top events to attend this November at The MAC below: 


  1. Outburst: Border Fairies, 

12th Nov- 14th Nov @7PM in the Upstairs Theatre

Tickets: £5 – £15

Outburst Arts will be presenting Border Fairies by Richard O’Leary as part of their Queer Arts Festival 2021. 

“A Catholic fairy escapes from 1980’s Cork to Belfast, that well-known utopia of Gay Liberation. A 1920s Protestant with a Cork accent flees the Irish Free State for the freshly bordered North.”

Exploring queer history, O’Leary utilises love letters, personal photos, press cuttings and unofficial papers to paint an intimate picture of life in the North. 


Check out The Mac’s website for tickets, as well as Outburst Arts for their full festival programme. 


      2. Jarman Award: Screening and Q&A,

17th Nov @7PM in the Upstairs Theatre

Tickets: Free but booking essential

The MAC shall once again be hosting the Film London Jarman Award. The event will host an online screening of the 2021 award shortlist, available online from 12 noon to 12 midnight. 

There will also be an in person screening of Jasmina Cibic’s film The Gift (2021), followed by a Q&A with Jasmina and Senior Curator Hugh Mulholland at 7pm.


To register for your interest, follow this link.


  1. Xenia Pestova Bennett and Ed Bennett perform Karlheinz Essl’s Gold.Berg.Werk,

18th Nov @ 7:30pm in the Upstairs Theatre

Tickets: £15

Moving On Music presents an evening of Bach, reinvented by pioneering Austrian composer Karlheinz Essl, performed by Xenia Pestova Bennett and Ed Bennett. 

This radical reinvention of Bach’s Goldberg Variations ensures that no two performances are alike. Virtuoso pianist Xenia plays the variations, whilst harmonies are manipulated in real time and played through spatialised loudspeakers. The end result is a melding of the baroque and the modern. 


To book your tickets, follow this link


  1. Anne Tallentire: But this Material… 

8th Sep – 21 Nov @ 11am – 5pm (Wed – Sun) in the Upstairs Theatre

Tickets: Free, but gallery ticket required

Anne Tallentire’s But this Material…  brings together her key works from the last decade as well as work which is re-imagined for the particular architectural and spatial qualities of the MAC galleries.

Tallentire’s recent practice explores how we inhabit space, both public and private, to reveal systems that shape the built environment and the economics of labour. Central to her approach is an interrogation of everyday materials and structures.


To book your tickets, follow this link. 


  1. Art and Activism, 

20th Nov @ 10:30am in the Family Room

Tickets: Pay what you can

Art and Activism is a one-hour workshop suitable for 6 – 10 year olds, encouraging children to make art with a message. Working alongside a professional artist, children will make collages and posters exploring housing inequality. The children will then be invited to exhibit their art in the gallery until 21 November.


To book your tickets, follow this link


  1. Build a Utopian City for Belfast 

20th Nov @ 12:00pm in the Family Room

Tickets: Pay what you can

Another family friendly workshop perfect to get kids creating!

Working with a professional artist, Build a Utopian City for Belfast will enable little ones to get creative by designing and building a cardboard city where everyone has a home. Their work will then be part of an installation in the Family Room which will grow and expand over the course of the exhibition.


To book your tickets, follow this link. 


  1. A Night in November by Marie Jones

11th Nov – 28th Nov @ 7:45pm or 3:00pm in the Downstairs Theatre

Tickets: £12.50 – £25

Soda Bread Theatre in association with the MAC presents A Night in November by multi award winning writer, Marie Jones.

Exploring the deep seated tribalism within Northern Ireland, the audience is presented the story of Kenneth McAllister. As a Protestant in Belfast, McAllister lives a life fuelled by expectation and rules regarding who he loves, where he lives, how he acts.. Until one extraordinary night. 

Poignant, brash and deeply thought provoking, the 27 year old play is just as thought evoking as it was when it first graced the stage. 


For tickets, follow this link.  


For further information about what’s on at The Mac, be sure to check out their website at www.themaclive.com