Wondering what’s on? Look no further: your fix for artistry comes directly from Northern Irish talent Anne Tallentire with her exhibition ‘But this material…’, hosted at the MAC. 

Anne Tallentire is a modern artist famed for her representation of shifting geographies and diasporas. Hailing originally from Armagh, Tallentire moved to London during the mid 80’s – and has enjoyed an impressive career as Professor in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. 

Tallentire is no stranger to print, either. When presenting her solo show ‘This, and other things 1999 – 2010’ at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, her art was accompanied by a monographic catalogue of her work. She is also the author of ‘Object of a Life’, in which she explores the relationship between an inventory of items and the space they fulfil – both physically and theoretically.

‘But this material…’ is Anne Tallentire’s latest in significant institutional presentation.  Tying together important works from the last decade, Tallentire also showcases work that has been entirely reimagined with the architecture of the MAC galleries in mind. 

Her work this time around aims to explore just how we inhibit space. From spatial expression in public to privacy, Tallentire is focused upon interrogating everyday structures and materials to reveal the hidden economics of labour within. 

A big part of ‘But this material…’ is Tallentire’s devotion to spatial delineation, wherein found building materials are repurposed to expose the role of context within the construction industry. 

‘But this material’ is explored in two exhibitions. Area (2021), which will be showcased in the Upper Gallery, explores the concept of equity within communal life. Consisting of 28 coloured panels, Area is an abstract reference towards social distancing requirements. 

Setting Out 3 (2021), located in the Tall Gallery, transposes the two planes. Utilising string, architectural drawings are elevated onto the wall to form the floor plan of a generic Belfast terrace. 

“The works on view in But this material… attest to Tallentire’s preoccupation with how various conditions determine, regulate, shape and impact patterns of daily life and living environments,” notes the MAC’s website

But this material… will be a participatory programme of workshops, talks, film screenings and presentations co-designed with the MAC’s Associate Partner, Participation & Practice of Rights (PPR) documenting the lived experience of individuals and families in Belfast.

Running from the 8th September until the 21st November, Anne Tallentire’s But this material is a must visit exhibition. Be sure to book your free visit on the MAC’s website to confirm your attendance. 

For more information about the exhibit, go to www.themaclive.com/exhibition/anne-tallentire-but-this-material.