Denouement will be presented as an audio recorded rehearsed reading.

A Lyric Theatre and Traverse Theatre Co-Production by John Morton, starring real-life couple Ian McElhinney (Game of Thrones, Derry Girls) as Liam and Marie Jones (In the Name of the Father) as Edel.

It’s 2048 and the end of the world is nigh.
Actually, it’s not that nigh – it’s been going on for flipping ages and everyone’s a bit over it, to be honest.

Liam and his long-suffering wife Edel have been up all night trying to get their chaotic affairs into some kind of order, surrounded by dozens of empties from last night’s raging party. They feel rough, they’re on edge, and they’re blasting music to drown out the cataclysmic noise outside as cities start to disappear and the world’s animals go haywire.

Denouement is directed by the Traverse’s award-winning Co-Artistic Director Gareth Nicholls (Crocodile Fever, Ulster American) and features sound design and composition by Michael John McCarthy. This production was due to premiere at the Traverse Festival in August before playing on the Main Stage in September