A celebration of the music of Van Morrison, live-streamed as part of the 2020 EastSide Arts Festival. Words and music with Stuart Bailie, Anthony Toner, Ursula Burns, Hannah McPhillimy, Paul McMordie.

Stuart Bailie is an author and music journalist, based in East Belfast. 75 Van Songs is an upcoming book project that will celebrate the magnificent song career of Van Morrison in a milestone year. Stuart has picked his favourite 75 songs from that rich source and has set himself the happy task of writing reviews, appreciations and imaginative responses to his selections from that work.

This event, streamed live as part of the EastSide Arts Festival 2020, features live performances from four tremendous artists. Each song will be introduced by a relevant Stuart reading. In addition, there will be bonus readings from the book, picked by a special, random process. Expect surprise, deep affection and musical inspiration.