Inspired by Sinead Crossan and the students of Ardnashee special school, composer Conor Mitchell has written a story based on the children’s experiences of lockdown.

In a vivid, cinematic score featuring voice (Abigail McGibbon), soprano (Rebecca Murphy), clarinet (Sarah Smith), oboe (Chris Blake), trombone (Ross Lyness) and harp (Tanya Houghton), he tells the tale of a little girl sitting by a window sill, watching a caterpillar transform into a butterfly, but wary and scared of the ghost wandering the garden.

In a beautifully illustrated short, drawings from Ardnashee’s pupils have been animated by concept artist Chris Thompson to depict the public’s entering of a new, post-lockdown phase, as the butterfly flies past the ghost, unharmed, and the little girl feels safe to go out into her garden, the ghost receding from view.