During lock down and beyond the Pod Project has been hosting a series of talks on a range of subjects about rewilding, sustainability and wellbeing with speakers from across Ireland.

These talks are recorded with an audience on zoom and are being made available via YouTube. Each topic has been selected to explore different aspects of the journey of reconnecting with nature, ourselves and our communities and includes talks on herbalism, foraging, seed saving, rewilding, ink making, growing your own vegetables, yoga, permaculture and bee conservation.

Lucy O’Hagan of Wild Awake offers a different approach to reconnecting with nature which really opens up the conversation around what ‘rewilding your life’ means and discusses why it is now more than important than ever. The talk is an hour long with pictures and videos and a Q & A at the end.

Lucy O’Hagan is an Ancestral skills teacher, Rites of passage facilitator and Forest School practitioner. She is the founder and director of Wild Awake, an organisation which seeks to rekindle environmental and cultural resilience through the (re)learning of Ancestral and Traditional skills in nature.

The Pod Project’s aim is to connect people, exploring different ways to live more sustainably and support personal and community wellbeing. It is based on the permaculture principles of earth care, people care and fair share and provides online and in-person talks and classes at affordable prices thanks to the support of community grants. It is a voluntary education and community group.