This exhibition has been created over several months from the beginning of lockdown. Over the past few months Jordain has experienced heightened anxiety and depression due to feeling very restricted and isolated during lockdown.

With this collection, he produced a collection of pieces, which in a way, have almost acted as form of therapy for him, but a he also hopes to inspire others with this collection.

He states “I want to spread a message of love and healing through my work and to let others know, they are not alone. Aside from this I have been looking very closely at Katy Perry’s new project ‘Smile’ and like the work I have created here, it follows a path of healing in difficult times with a positive outcome. So I have taken some inspiration from this when naming the pieces I have created, to compliment the movement of ‘finding your smile’. The ultimate goal from creating this collection of work, is to inspire others to spread a message of love, hope, peace and togetherness in these difficult times. And to have fun doing so.”