The Cathedral Quarter Trust has now published its Strategic Development Plan for 2019 – 2022.

Download the full plan here

Our Vision

Our vision for the Cathedral Quarter is as the beating heart of Belfast; a welcoming, inclusive and culturally-vibrant area, celebrating its distinctive heritage and animating its creative future.

Our Mission

To champion the artistic, cultural and heritage-focused regeneration of a thriving
Cathedral Quarter.

Our Values

These values will inspire every aspect of Cathedral Quarter Trust’s Work


Everyone has the right to be treated with dignity and respect; to express and develop their creativity; and participate in the artistic and cultural life of the City. We will celebrate diversity.


In achieving our ambitious mission, we are committed to showing determination,
dynamism and leadership.


We are committed to working collaboratively with others, and providing mutual support as the best way of achieving our mission.


We are passionate about the transformative power of creativity. We aim to continue to be a special place for inspiration and innovation.


We are committed to excellence in all aspects of our work. We will be open and
transparent in all our activities. We will show integrity in our dealings with others.


Our Aims

Our Vision and Mission will be delivered through our Core Aims:

Aim 1: Represent the Area

Be the go-to voice for the Cathedral Quarter Area

Aim 2: Promote the distinctive heritage of the Area

Promote and support the stewardship of the distinctive heritage and character of the area, encouraging sensitive development in and around the Quarter

Aim 3: Promote arts and cultural development

Support, develop and deliver a programme of arts, cultural and heritage within the Cathedral Quarter.

Aim 4: Communications

Communicate effectively with all the Trust’s internal and external stakeholders.


Our Core Aims will be supported by our Operational Aims:

Aim 5: Financial sustainability

Ensure the Trust has a sustainable business model with the financial resources to achieve its plans and these resources are effectively and efficiently planned and managed.

Aim 6: Physical Resources

Ensure the Trust has the appropriate premises and other physical resources to achieve
its plans.

Aim 7: Human Resources

Ensure the Trust has the personnel and skills it requires to achieve its aims and objectives.

Aim 8: Governance

Ensure the governance of the Trust complies with the requirements of the law and good practice.