The pandemic has revived a love of painting in many. Explore the history of heroic women artists and a study of the life and work of visionary female artist Hilma Af Klint with two great online painting sessions this July.

First up on 15 July is A Feminist’s Guide to Botany: Online Botanical Painting Session, which is led by London Drawing Group. 

This fantastic session, which features both the inspiring stories of women botanical explorers through the ages, also provides participants with the opportunity to study the work of incredible artists such as Maria Sybilla Merian, Marianne North, Rachel Ruysch and others.

In addition to finding out how these heroic women helped forge the way we see the world around us, there’ll also be a short visual lecture during which participants will be taught some basic watercolour techniques.

By the end of the class, everyone will be able to create their own botanical paintings!

But that’s not the end of the artistic journey.

On 29 July there’s more of the magical world of botanical painting, with another online session dedicated to the relationship between feminism, botany, spirituality and abstraction.

This class will focus primarily on the work of the fabulous but relatively unknown Swedish Victorian artist, Hilma Af Klint. 

After 70 years of being credited with having ‘invented’ abstraction at least five years before Kandinsky, Hilma Af Klint is finally receiving the recognition that she so richly deserved for her incredible talent.

In this session, participants will explore Hilma’s life, work and her links to spirituality in a 30-minute lecture, before taking part in a practical, interactive class in which they will be guided through the creation of their own abstract works. Whether you opt for watercolour or gouache, you’ll be able to create your own works in a state of mindful creativity. 

Mind-blowingly spiritual and all carried out in an ambience of interconnectedness.

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