Belfast’s Golden-Thread Gallery is premiering the installation of Suzann Lacy’s Across and In-Between which outlines the voices and experiences of border residents during Brexit negotiations until August 14.

The installation uses words, imagery, sound and performance, which provided residents an opportunity to reclaim the landscape around them.

It is presented in association with IWM Imperial War Museum, The Whitworth and Ulster University. The installation was co-commissioned and presented as a work-in-progress for the closing season of 14-18 NOW and the Belfast International Arts Festival. 

Across and In-Between is shown across the entirety of The Golden Thread Gallery. The installation consists of: Border People’s Parliament; a series of portraits, a soundscape and The Yellow Manifesto in Gallery One; The Yellow Line; a three-screen video projection shown in Gallery Two; and additional photos alongside a 29’ documentary film, Across and In-Between: Voices from the Border in Ireland, shown in the Project Space.

Golden Thread Gallery Director Peter Richards said, “We’re thrilled to be sharing an opportunity to see Suzanne Lacy’s Across and In-Between in Belfast at this historic moment in time. Special thanks go to Cian Smyth who collaborated on the project, and who has made this possible for us.” 

Learn more about the installation here: