In Resonance is the first solo exhibition by exciting new artist Saffron Monks-Smith. Saffron’s inaugural solo exhibition will take place online and ‘focuses on life that could have been, depicting a contrast between abandoned rural houses and urban street lit locations of Ireland and Northern Ireland.’

A member of Arcade Studios in Belfast Saffron Monks-Smith graduated with a Masters in fine art from Ulster University in June 2020. Her practice in printmaking during her undergraduate degree awarded her the Belfast Print Workshop Membership in 2015 as well as the Seacourt Print Workshop Graduate Award in 2018.

Saffron is now focused on painting and works mostly with gouache and oils on MDF. Favouring nocturnal urban and suburban landscapes, her work plays with light and dark, absence and presence through our everyday, mundane surroundings.

Through her paintings Saffron breathes new life into uninhabited places now void of human life, merging past and present into one space. In her work she aims to ‘conceal and reveal the life that could have lived within these buildings whilst showing the bustling urban streets as somewhere ghostly and isolated’

All artworks are available to buy and don’t worry if you’re a little tight on cash as you can also buy art from this exhibition through the Own Art scheme which gives you an interest-free loan over 10 months. 

You can view Saffron Monks-Smith’s exhibition online at from Wednesday 3rd March to Saturday 27th March 2021.