Politics, Feminism, history and crime are the themes at Linen Hall Library in July. Through a mix of in-person and online events, visitors can explore prominent female voices through history and join in for two exciting new book launches and further discussions.

Here’s what you can expect from Linen Hall this month:

As the extraORDINARY women project, the library presents SPARKS – A Celebratory Portrait of Women in Northern Ireland, an ongoing exhibition that rediscovers female voices. With the use of objects and archives, the exhibition aims to portray women’s lived experiences from 1965 to today. Highlighting the extraordinary voices from writers and politicians to performers, these women forged their own paths in literature. 

Crime readers must sign up for Richard O’Rawe’s debut book launch Wednesday 7th July. His book ‘Northern Heist’ transports readers to Belfast and Dublin’s criminal underworld, with money laundering, drug deals and double-crosses. 

Join Richard for this online event to learn more about this thrilling Irish crime novel.

Assistant professor in Political Science, Dr Marissa McGlinchey, will discuss the development of ‘dissident’ Irish republicanism and its impact on politics from the past four decades.

Her book ‘Unfinished Business’ is an assessment of republican activism and dissident republicanism. To hear more in detail about the book and the political significance of groups who oppose the peace process, join the online event via zoom on Wednesday 21st July. 

28th July will see the introduction of ‘Stones Corner – Turmoil’, the first instalment of a four-part series by author Jane Buckley. She aims to educate all generations about the Troubles, her new book deals with the issues of the sectarian divide. Jane will read from her book and talk about her life in the Troubles and why she wants to highlight the topic.

Linen Hall Reading Group’s title for July is ‘Shuggie Bain’ by Douglas Stuart. Pick up the book and join the popular reading group on 29th July to discuss it with a virtual group over Zoom. To attend, email  info@linenhall.com

To find out more information about the events happening in Linen Hall Library, visit www.visitbelfast.com/event/linen-hall-library-july-events