Art lovers have a few more days to enjoy the three thought-provoking exhibitions by artists Ambera Wellman, Maya Balcioglu and Jaap Pieters. 

Ambera Wellmann’s exhibit ‘UnTurning’ negotiates the devastation of the present, one in which the cultural logic of heteronormativity and capitalism are naturalised in the human psyche. 

A stalwart specialist of Super 8mm filmmaking, Dutch artist Jaap Pieters has brought ‘The Eye Of Amsterdam’ exhibit to the MAC this season. He is known for using minimal equipment and hardly any manipulations, to create short, 3-minute reels and numerous films on the small-gauge “amateur” medium over the course of four decades.

In the Tall Gallery, Maya Balcioglu’s exhibit consists of large scale works on paper, latex and fabric completed over a 15-year period. It is a fascinating display of her drawings from between 2006-10 and her latex works from 2019-20 and her most recent fabric works.

As these exhibits are coming to a close, the Mac announced they will be closing their doors from 9th August until 8th September.

This is to give them time to change over the galleries and prepare for an upcoming exhibition by Armagh born artist, Anne Tallentire. 

The Autumn season will bring the brand new digital show: Distortion. Written by Amanda Verlaque, directed by Rhiann Jeffery, and starring Michael Condron, Valene Kane and Mary Moulds. The experience will be available online from September.

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