Queens Film Department presents the challenging and innovative film Mnemophrenia by director Eirini Konstantinidou on December 9 and with a Q&A session with the director on the same day.

It is a film about a new psychosis that arises from VR, which causes people to be unable to distinguish between real and artificial memories.
The purpose of the event is to bring the film industry closer to the consumer and to open the debate and critics of the film making for the film scholars and is organized by the Film Department, School of Arts, English and Languages, Queen’s University Belfast.

Mnemophrenia director Eirini Konstantinidou, Senior Lecturer in Film at University of Essex.

For those who will register (deadline 3rd of December), a link of the film will be sent previously, available for 3 days, for you to watch it any time at your convenience and on 9th of December at 5PM will have a live Q&A with Dr. Konstantinidou.

The live Q&A session will be held on Microsoft Teams and a link will be provided.

The organisers ask that participants prepare academic and professional questions in advance, stressing out the film industry, film theories and film debate, all related to the topic of the film.

You can register here: