Arts in Action are proud to invite you to join Simon Mawhinney for his hour-long Galway recital where he will juxtapose three movements from his own cycle ‘Solo Fingers’ and four movements from Olivier Messiaen’s revelatory cycle ‘Vingt Regards sur L’Enfant-Jésus’, an extensive meditation on the infancy of Jesus composed in 1944.

The Northern Irish pianist is a music lecturer at Queens University, Belfast and a composer whose work has a notably international focus. He regularly collaborates with high profile musicians from countries such as Germany, France, Iceland and the Uk. In his Queens University profile, it’s explained how he draws on a wide range of contemporary influences “…from complexist music to the colouristic harmonies of post-spectralism to the cantillation of numerous cultures.”

His composition projects have included ‘Hunshigo’ for violin and piano recorded for Altarus Records by Darragh Morgan and Mary Dullea, ‘Perseid’ which was commissioned by Ensemble Recherche in Germany and ‘Starbog’ for the Chamber Orchestra and commissioned by Ensemble Caput from Iceland. 

Simon’s recital takes place on Wednesday 5th March from 1pm – 2pm and is presented in partnership with Music for Galway with support from SAP.  If you want to register your place for the recital just visit and search for Arts in Action – Simon Mawhinney.