The Black Box Belfast introduces this months’ online exhibition featuring Gabriel Hyra, the young Brazilian artist. 

Drawing from personal experiences, Gabriel’s key themes explore sexuality, politics of intimacy, suffering, capitalism, mixed media and LGBTQIA +.

Hyra’s artworks on nonconforming sex issues and digs into the topic of intimacy and relationships. Art is used as a form of responding and conserving life within a paradigm of deprivation and frustration of real wants and needs.

Previously using photo performance and makeup for expression, Gabriel has progressed onto using jewellery as a representation of the research that centres around the valid differences in the ways of living and the various ways of navigating the dominant identities.

Hyra’s work ‘Crossing Practices’ aims to incorporate the opposing views and set ways of the world, by undermining the power and authority of colonialism.

The exhibition explores how gender dissent and gender disobedience creates new policies of intimacy that break the capitalist dystopia which operates the Latin American political dynamics.

The pieces on show include a ring featuring the cannon that was used to execute Tibria for his homosexuality in the 1600s in Portugal. The ring incorporates the symbol of the cannon used but broken by the hands of a contemporary queer. This is a  way of building refusal and making violence unusable as a practice that also operates modern relations.

The drawn vocabulary portrays the need for new languages to handle new realities. Carved in wax and made of brass by the lost wax process, the piece shows how to say two contradictory things at the same time.

An unusual representation of how new organs are required to see beyond the problems and find solutions, Gabriel’s unique hand piece was made of silicone, and hyper-realistic paint with two eyes sculpted in wax, made of brass by the lost wax process.

The fascinating online exhibition will run until the end of May. To see the pieces and read more about the artist go to or check out @theblackboxbelfast on social media.