At Culture Night Belfast, we are passionately committed to reducing on-site waste, meeting green objectives and developing more sustainable ways of producing our event. We’re focusing on proper recycing and reducing the use of single use plastics at Culture Night. We’ve even signed up for Keep NI Beautiful’s Plastic Promise! We need YOUR help to achieve this however, so we ask that you take note of our 10 point CNB Green Checklist before heading out for the night (and day)… X


  1. Please use public transport, cycle or car-share to Culture Night Belfast. Car exhaust is still the greatest contributor to global climate change.
  2. Help to reduce our carbon footprint by leaving your car at home!
  3. Please bring a reusable water bottle/ eco-cup/ drinking vessel (We’ll be providing some of our own reusable drinking bottles courtesy of NI Water!).
  4. We also recommend bringing a reusable food container (eg lunchbox). All food sellers will be happy to fill your containers with Culture Night food and drink goodies!
  5. Please bring a reusable bag for your bits and bobs. They’re totes cool!
  6. Please use the allocated toilets in and around Culture Night!
  7. Please dispose of recyclable waste in the correct designated bins, where available. Otherwise use the bin nearest to you. Ask a CNB volunteer if you have trouble finding the recycling point/ bin nearest to you.
  8. Please ONLY use what you need. For example, if every Culture Night participant used four napkins instead of one, there would be an extra 300,000 napkins wasted unnecessarily!
  9. Please dispose of cigarette butts responsibly ie IN BINS, not on the street.
  10. Have a great, green Culture Night & Day!