The regeneration of the Cathedral Quarter should not come at the expense of the area’s most loved landmarks. That was the message of Cathedral Quarter Trust and Culture Night Belfast director Susan Picken in a recent article on Belfast Live.

Speaking to journalist Shauna Corr Susan said of the Tribeca plans by Castlebrooke Investments: “It is brilliant that this level of investment is happening. However, we do have a number of concerns.“We would like to retain more space… the trees [and] we would like to see investment in creating a beautiful public square that everybody can use… for arts and culture events, concerts and people to hang out.

“The Cathedral is one of the most important buildings in the city and current plans will mean it is almost in shadow for nine months of the year.”
Susan also told Shauna that losing a chunk of Writer’s Square will mean nothing of scale will be possible there in future.

She added: “It’s hard to think how Culture Night could happen without it really.

“It’s one of the few big, open spaces that we have. It’s a really powerful place to be and if you think back to a couple of years ago when we did the big projections on the front of the Cathedral, it was breathtaking… a wonderful moment for the whole city.

“We won’t be able to do anything like that if the current plans go ahead. There is probably some kind of solution that can be reached”.

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