Northern Ireland’s leading contemporary artist Willie Doherty opens his international exhibition at the Ulster Museum. Running from the beginning of July will be available to view until 12th September.

Twice Turner Prize nominee Willie bases much of his work around his hometown Derry/Londonderry. His pieces combine photography, video and sound installations that explore how fallible is human memory and recollection. 

Throughout his early career, Doherty has he drew inspiration from his own experiences from the Troubles. He employed visual techniques to reflect the weight and the meaning of his lived experience. 

He found himself troubled by the disconnect between what we read, what we see, and what we consequently comprehend throughout his career. The tension of this disconnect is represented in his unnerving and contradictory images.

The current exhibit ‘WHERE’ offers an overview of Doherty’s career. It explores the theme of physical and imagined borders that dominated his work for over 40 years. 

To layer the experience and engage with the artist’s practices, this exhibit is arranged in four interconnecting galleries, with both photographic and video work presented in close proximity.

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the overview of over 40 years of artwork. To learn more about the artist and the exhibition, go to