Here at CNB we are passionately committed to promoting sustainable forms of travel, reducing on-site waste, meeting green objectives and developing more sustainable ways of working.

For 2021, these sustainability principles have guided the creation of The Ogham Grove from its inception with materials being hired, re-used and recycled wherever possible and low energy technology utilised.

We also need your help to ensure that we are as environmentally sustainable as possible , so we would ask that you take note of our Environmental Checklist before heading out for your visit to The Ogham Grove…

  • Please use public transport, walk, cycle or car share for your journey. Car exhaust fumes are one of the greatest contributors to global climate change.
  • Help to reduce our carbon footprint by leaving your car at home!
  • Please bring a reusable water bottle/ eco-cup/ drinking vessel.
  • Please take any waste home with you or dispose of recyclable waste in the appropriate bins.
  • Please dispose of any cigarette butts responsibly ie in bins, not on the street.
  • And of course, enjoy the environmentally sustainable experience of The Ogham Grove.

We are delighted to be supported in our environmental objectives by our friends at:




Youth, climate change and human rights

Climate change threatens the effective enjoyment of our human rights in Northern Ireland.

That is the message that carries through two animated films produced as part of a collaborative project between the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission and Queen’s University Belfast. MA Broadcast students led projects to create two animations, ‘Nia’ and ‘Dakota’ that explore climate change from a youth perspective and through a human rights lens.

‘NIA’. “I’m working towards a future that might not be there.”

Watch the animation ‘Niahere.

‘Dakota’. “It is a human right to have a healthy environment.”

 Watch the animation ‘Dakotahere.

CNB21 is also a proud supporter of Belfast City Council’s One Million Trees initiative. Find out more here.