The MAC has reopened its doors and welcomes visitors with three thought provoking exhibits. All throughout the summer, visitors can see various artwork from New York based painter Ambera Wellmann, Duch film artist Jaap Pieters and artist Maya Balcioglu.

Here is more information on what you can expect from each exhibit.

Ambera Wellmann – UnTurning

In the Upper Gallery, you can visit the first exhibition in the UK & Ireland by Canadian-born and New York-based painter Ambera Wellmann is available to view at The MAC. 

In ‘UnTurning’, Wellmann’s paintings negotiate the devastation of the present, one in which the cultural logic of heteronormativity and capitalism are naturalised in the human psyche. 

Traversing distinctions between human and animal and figure and ground, she visualises an illogical state where bodies transmute. 

Wellmann bends the rigidity of art history by plucking from specific paintings across different eras with the recalling of Théodore Géricault works.

‘UnTurning’ is composed of cutouts of multiple paintings that were reassembled within an expansive, horizontal canvas, refusing to rest within a single temporal understanding. Through a compelling exploration of figuration, Wellmann deconstructs the horizontal domain of the bed. In such inherently internal spaces, her amorphous figures resist the binaries of active and passive, male and female. 

The subjects in Wellmann’s paintings navigate the potentiality of their present circumstances and endeavour to generate a domain informed by the ethos of queer futurity.

Jaap Pieters: The Eye of Amsterdam Exhibition

Occupying the Sunken Gallery is Dutch artist Jaap Pieters is a stalwart specialist of Super 8mm filmmaking. 

Using minimal equipment and hardly any manipulations, he restricted himself to creating short, 3 minute reels and created numerous films on the small-gauge “amateur” medium over the course of four decades.

Jaap’s films are shown on three showreels rotating throughout the duration of the exhibition. Each showreel is introduced by A Fragmented Encounter with Jaap Pieters, a film profile of the artist assembled from 5 documentary portraits.

Maya Balcioglu

All throughout July, you can experience the first institutional exhibition by artist Maya Balcioglu in the Tall Gallery. The exhibit consists of large scale works on paper, latex and fabric completed over a 15-year period.

Somewhere between figurative and abstract, she does not cultivate the image, she believes that experiment and transgression are necessary. Using a flat surface, ink and other materials only focusing on what is in front of her at the given time, Balciouglu’s work is intended for consideration ad discussion. The exhibition features drawings from between 2006-10 and latex works from 2019-20 and her most recent fabric works.

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