It’s like the Channel 4 program but with idiots.

It’s the popular Channel 4 program Countdown, but on the street!

Expect a small difference from the gentle, polite TV show.. The winner is a matter of life or death – “Death” being 5 letters long & therefore the winner.

On Culture Night there will be entrance theme tunes, dignity ripped apart, energetic crowds chanting and shouting and that’s before you even get to say “Do you do the numbers?”
No we don’t do the bloody numbers!

To be crowned champion, you’ll get to pick 9 letters and given 30 seconds to think of a 9 letter word.

No prisoners, no mercy, NO EMOJIS!

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Buoys Park Buoy Park, Academy St, Belfast BT1 2GT

Marty Lish

17:00 PM - 22:00 PM

Friday 21st September

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